Data Migration


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LAITEK Inc. is an Illinois corporation founded in 1980. Originally named Laboratory Automation Inc., the company changed its name in 2007 to LAITEK Inc. Over its life, the Company has developed computer-based instruments and medical imaging products for commercial clients and performed medical imaging research for government agencies. Migratek® is a registered trademark for LAITEK's data migration services.

We perform data migration services either directly for hospitals or as a subcontractor to replacement PACS vendors. We develop a migration proposal based on your individual needs and a technical investigation of site requirements. Contact us directly or ask your PACS vendor if they can offer Migratek™ migration solutions by LAITEK.



Fred Behlen, PhD - Chairman and CEO

A medical physicist specializing in imaging informatics, Dr. Behlen's career includes experience in industry, academics and healthcare provider organizations. A former faculty member of the University of Chicago, he is past co-chair (1999-2010) of the DICOM-HL7 joint working groups (DICOM Working Group 20 / HL7 Imaging Integration SIG). He is also past co-chair of the HL7 Structured Documents Technical Committee and a Co-Editor of the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture Release 2 (CDA). He holds a BS degree from Caltech and a PhD (Physical Chemistry) from the University of Chicago.

Razvan Costea-Barlutiu, MBA - Senior Vice President Engineering

Based in Romania and leading Laitek's development and system engineering team, Mr. Costea-Barlutiu originally worked with Dr. Behlen in Rossman Labs at University of Chicago in 2001 on the National Digital Mammography archive and developed the first tools that performed a full round-trip conversion from DICOM to XML. Since 2002 he has worked with Laitek on specialized DICOM guided applications including the first WADO implementation at RSNA 2004. He and his team are predominantly focused on developing high-performance PACS components and overseeing the technical aspects of all Laitek data migration. This work has led to the implementation of the Migratek® migration toolkit including the virtual archive and Semperdata™ features. Mr. Costea-Barlutiu holds a BS Degree from Technical University in Cluj Napoca and an MBA from Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) in Bucharest and Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris.

Douglas Sluis, PhD - Director of Product Management

Dr. Sluis brings a long record of informatics, standards and industry experience to Laitek. As Director of Product Management, he leads the development of specifications and oversees documentation, testing and compliance. A longtime veteran of Laitek from 1982 to 1993, he rejoined the company in 2011. He is past Chair of DICOM Working Groups 12 (Ultrasound) and 17 (3-D), and has comprehensive experience in medical vocabulary coding systems and in the management of software development and testing processes. He holds a BS degree from Hope College and a PhD (Physical Chemistry) from the University of Chicago.

Thomas S. Mack - Vice President of US Operations

Thomas Mack serves as the Director of Project Management for Laitek. Mr. Mack is a healthcare professional with more than 18 years of experience in radiology, having implemented PACS systems and Epic's Radiant system for multiple healthcare organizations. His insight into the implementation process has been parlayed into timely, effective application roll-outs, including facilitating application integration efforts. Mr. Mack has led several teams through implementations and has headed a PACS selection process. Clients routinely comment on the value of Mr. Mack's presence on their project teams. He has an exceptional ability to bring a sense of urgency to a team while keeping team members focused and calm.