Data Migration


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Migratek Conventional Migration Services employ the DICOM Query/Retrieve Connector to extract data from the Legacy PACS into the Migratek Migration Server. Such Conventional Migration may be appropriate or required in cases where Rapid Migration is infeasible, such as extraction from a source archive provided by an Application Service Provider (ASP) that stores some or all of the data off-site. Conventional Migration may also be the most practical choice for small or moderate migrations from legacy PACS that store all data on spinning media (RAID, NAS or SAN).

Migratek conventional methods may be enhanced by information extracted from system internals, allowing, for example, grouping of retrievals of optical-disk-resident data by storage volume, to eliminate "thrashing" in robotic libraries.

Migratek Conventional methods enable the same sophisticated data cleansing and processing methods we use for Rapid Migration.

For Laitek, Conventional Migration is an option, not a constraint.