Data Migration


Laitek Medical Software - Romania HQ is expanding its team! We have several job openings available, please check out our Careers section.


QA Devops

General Purpose

• From planning through delivery, the goal of QA DevOps is to improve collaboration across the value stream by developing and automating a continuous delivery pipeline.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

• Monitor Builds & Regression tests on the current releases
• Assure 1 successful build/transfer every 5 days
• Assure integration between Jenkins and build/tests scripts
• Develop support for multi-machine tests
• Manage Feature Branches
• Develop/maintain/improve automation scripts
• Ensure resources during development and Release
• Handle load balancing of vm hosts; move vms, auto host assignation, etc.
• Investigate Failed Jenkins jobs
• Daily Migration reports
• Adjustments
• Various scripts
• Performance testing

Education and Experience

• Bachelor degree preferred
• Certifications, ex: ISQTB
• Experience with implementation of corrective action programs
• Product or medical-industry experience
• Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office, QA applications and databases(Postgres), Jenkins, Hyper-V, Performance testing Tools

Key Competencies

• Attention to detail
• Communnicationslikks - verbal and written
• Data collection, management and analysis
• Problem analysis and problem solving
• Planning and organizing
• Decision-making
• Customer service orientation
• Teamwork


• attractive payment packages, which include support for extra-work activities like Sports (swimming, tennis, fitness etc), meal tickets anso
• opportunity in joining a growing company and securing positions for the future.
• proximity to the city center
• flexible working hours; colleagues with more than 1 year in our company can choose to work from home one day a week.
• pleasant and stimulating work environment with a supportive team. Sports like ping-pong and archery can be practiced within company premises.

Company's description and projected path

Laitek Medical Software is a company established in 2002 as Light Soft, the Romanian outpost of Laitek of Chicago, Illinois. With an activity centered in the Medical Software area, Lightsoft enjoyed constant growth in its capitalization over the years.

In 2013, Lightsoft was fully acquired and it is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Laitek INC. We predict Laitek will grow constantly in the next five years, in a process of responding to the increasing demand of our services in the US and Europe market. The software is entirely eveloped inhouse and it must adapt to increasingly diverse environments in which it will operate. Starting 2016, the Romanian company changed its name from "Light Soft" to "Laitek Medical Software".

Our archiving and PACS data migration software now runs in hospitals spanning many time zones, from the USA's Pacific West Coast to Norway, UK and Ireland in Europe, to Abu Dhabi in UAE and Manipal, India.

Our parent company, Laitek of Chicago, Illinois, through its founder and president Dr. Fred Behlen, Phd, is a respected presence in the US and international medical informatics arena. Dr. Behlen was the co-chair of HL7/DICOM common working group which gives us an unique perspective and insight on the medical software market. He is the editor of HL7-CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) and the proponent of XDS framework (Cross Enterprise Document Sharing) in the early 2000's.

The company's strategy addresses market needs in the near future - next 2 to 5 years - preparing at the same time the next generation products in the medical records management sector.

The company continues to grow and expand its operations across the globe. We welcome you aboard to bring your best in development and support of technologies that will impact the future of medical informatics.