Data Migration


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Data migration is a critical component of system replacement projects, extracting essential patient information from the legacy system before it is decommissioned. Laitek's Migratek® data migration services quickly, accurately and reliably extract data from legacy PACS and information systems and make it available for use in new PACS environments.
Laitek's outstanding record of success in demanding implementation projects is the result of an experienced team and an early commitment to engineering migration software specific to each major vendor system. This allows migration five to twenty times faster than conventional migration based on DICOM Query-Retrieve methods. Laitek has proven migration rates as high as one Terabyte per day, even from fragile legacy systems still in full clinical use.
Achieving the highest data transfer rates necessitates circumventing the server software of the legacy PACS and transferring data directly from legacy storage systems. Image data thus read from the storage media must be transformed into standard formats and updated as required by information in the legacy PACS database, and delivered to the replacement PACS in multiple DICOM streams.
The figure below compares Rapid Migration methodologies to conventional migration methods. Conventional methods request the legacy PACS server software to retrieve image data from internal Image Storage and send it out using DICOM STORE operations. In 3rd Party migration, the retrieved data is sent directly to the new PACS; in Store-and-Forward migration the data is sent to the migration appliance, which forwards it to the new PACS. In contrast, Rapid migration reads image storage directly, bypassing the legacy PACS server software altogether and using independent Migration Server hardware to transform legacy image data into DICOM output streams. Rapid Migration thus offers greater speed and lower load on aging legacy systems still serving clinical operations.

Nonetheless, Conventional migration is still appropriate in a number of situations. LAITEK offers Store-and-forward migration services, as described in the following section. For do-it-yourselfers, LAITEK offers MigrateNow!™, a free tool for 3rd Party Conventional Migration.

Rapid migration server software must be customized to each "make and model" of legacy PACS. In Migratek servers, this customization is contained in a module called a "Source Connector". Laitek has developed Source Connectors for the following systems:

  • Agfa Cardiology PACS
  • Fuji
  • GE
  • GE Cardiology PACS
  • Kodak (Cemax-Icon based)
  • Merge eMed PACS
  • Philips Cardiology PACS
  • Philips Radiology PACS
  • Siemens KinetDx PACS
  • Siemens MagicStore PACS
  • Stair Systems PACS

Other vendor Source Connectors are under development.

Generally, a new connector can be developed in the course of a migration project. This development is done in parallel with Conventional migration, and when the connector is ready, usually 30-45 days, migration switches over to Rapid migration. This approach guarantees that even when LAITEK does not have a connector for your system at the outset, Laitek migrations will never be slower than the conventional solutions of competing migration contractors