Data Migration


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Every Migratek project includes end-to-end validation and verification establishing the fidelity and completeness of data transfer.

Validation queries the destination PACS to determine that each study has the same number of images in the destination PACS as in the source PACS. This process sometimes requires special correction for anomalies such as duplication of images in the source PACS. Migratek validation is done for 100 % of the studies in the source inventory. Any studies that fail to migrate are retried. The end result of validation is a report detailing any studies that cannot be migrated, and the reasons-read errors, corrupt data, illegal format-why it did not migrate. The number of "unmigratable" studies has in Laitek's experience ranged from 0.02% to 2.0%.

Verification is a second quality check that confirms exact reconstruction of image data by Migratek Rapid Migration software. This is performed on a random sample of 500 studies or more, all of which are retrieved from the source and target systems by DICOM Query/Retrieve (C-MOVE) operations. For each image in every study, the copies retrieved from source and target systems are compared, and the test passes only if every pixel and every image attribute matches exactly. This comparison is performed using a Laitek-developed DICOM comparator program that is aware of alternate encodings of identical attributes.