Data Migration


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The Migratek Migration Server also features Virtual Archive functionality that provides access to legacy data in post-go-live environments.

The Virtual Archive is a DICOM Query/Retrieve Service Class Provider (SCP) that the new PACS uses to retrieve stat any needed studies that have not been migrated. The Virtual Archive retrieves the requested studies from the legacy archive or from migration buffers, as appropriate, transforms it as specified in the SPIF, and delivers it to the new PACS.

The Virtual Archive provides important advantages over direct retrieval for the Legacy PACS:


Migratek services employ a Semperdata™ archive server as a repository for exception data that is syntactically valid DICOM but could not be transmitted to the destination PACS. Some of these exceptions are resolved later in the project, and the remainder are delivered in a Semperdata repository that can be queried using DICOM workstations or other tools.

An alternative approach is to migrate all legacy data to a Semperdata archive which the new PACS will query as needed for prior image data. See the Semperdata section of this website for information on the Semperdata migration target archive.